MSF Show Feed

Protein - 12% Fat - 3.5%

1. A complete grain/premium roughage to better manage the growth rate so they are the right size and weight for show time. 2. Do not allow animal to run out of feed. 3. Provide plenty of fresh water at all times.ur own text

Purina Ultrafull 50#

Protein: 12% Fat: 4%

1. good for all show species 2.Targets lower body fill and flank. 3. Enhances palatability to help stimulate feed intake.

Purina Fitters 35 Pail

Protein: 35% Fat: 2.5%

1.High protein supplement for all species and classes of Show animals

2. Helps support lean tissue growth

3.No added copper – can be fed to sheep

4. Helps with muscle development – all species

5. Can be used as a complete feed for pigs when managing weight gain

Purina Champion Drive Pail

Protein: 32% Fat: 5%

1.High in essential amino acids to produce the “show ready” look.

2.Does not contain trace minerals

3.Safe for all species, including lambs

4.Flexible top-dress supplement

5.Great for pushing, toning or holding

6.An excellent way to supplement vitamins when animals need a boost, or are stressed.

Purina Depth Charge 25#

Protein: 9% Fat: 1.5%

1.Highly palatable

2.Helps promote a full physical appearance

3.Can be fed to all Show livestock species

4.Helps keep animals fuller when limit feeding



ShowTec Rumafil


ShowTec Natural Fit


Natural Fill