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VFD Information


    • veterinarian’s name, address, and telephone number;
    • client’s name, business or home address, and telephone number;
    • premises at which the animal specified in the VFD are located;
    • date of VFD issuance;
    •  expiration date of the VFD;
    • name of the VFD drug(s);
    • species and production class of animals to be fed the VFD feed;
    • approximate number of animals to be fed the VFD feed by the expiration date of the VFD;
    • indication for which the VFD is issued;
    • level of VFD drug in the feed and duration of use;
    • withdrawal time, special instructions, and cautionary statements necessary for use of the drug in conformance with the approval;
    • number of reorders (refills) authorized, if permitted by the drug approval, conditional approval, or index listing;
    • statement: “Use of feed containing this veterinary feed directive (VFD) drug in a manner other than as directed on the labeling (extra-label use), is not permitted”;
    • an affirmation of intent for combination VFD drugs as described in 21 CFR 558.6(b)(6); and
    • veterinarian’s electronic or written signature.

Rational Grazing

Rotational Grazing is an effective way to maximize use of pasture lands during the dry summer months.

Utilizing a portable electric fencing system makes creating a rotational grazing plan for your farm a faster, easier process. Check out the information below to find out about the perks of using these systems. Also, stop into to either Main Street Feeds location to discuss rotational grazing and view our electric fencing products.






Weaning proves to be a stressful time on livestock over and over. The experts at Main Street Feeds say you can reduce that stress by introducing creep feeds to calves at one month of age. By being exposed to the feeds before weaning calves are less shocked by the change in diet, making them less susceptible to stress and illness.

Both Main Street Feeds locations offer a variety of products to assist in your weaning process ranging from Behlen Creep feeders to feeds such as Heifer feed, Winter and Pasture Creeps, and 16% and 18% w/deccox calf feeds. We offer parasite prevention and treatment options, as well as vaccines in both store locations.

You can view weaning tips and tricks at the below listed resources, but feel free to stop in and let us help you experience a low-stress weaning season.







Helpful Links

Below are links to assist you in researching products for your operation.

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Behlen Manufacturing: http://www.behlencountry.com
Gallagher Fencing Supplies: http://www.gallagherusa.com/
Joplin Regional Stockyards : http://www.joplinstockyards.com/
Novartis Animal Products: http://www.novartis.com/
Pfizer Animal Products: http://www.pfizer.com
Quality Liquid Feeds: http://www.qlf.com
University of Missouri Extension: http://www.extension.misouri.edu