Custom mixed feeds to meet your needs.

We bust ours to save yours!

Feed Fridays will now be available on our website!

Carter, or another member of our MSF staff, will be checking in to keep you updated on what’s happening around the store and what you should be preparing for!

Summer is here…..Let us help with all your watering needs. We carry a full line of Behlen Country stock tanks and waterers. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, let us know and we’ll help you find it!

2x2x6 Round End Galv. Stock Tank

6×2 Round Galv. Stock Tank

Freedom Fount 4 Hole Energy- Free Waterer

You should start feeding fly control mineral 30 days prior to fly emergence.  This practice gives the mineral  time to work through the digestive track to target maturing flies in manure.  This helps eliminate future flies from hatching.    Be sure to check out our Purina Wind & Rain Mineral with Fly Control.  It is especially designed to withstand the elements and reduce your fly population.

Continue to feed this mineral until flies are no longer an issue.

Did You Know??

We offer:
** Grain hauling to Deerfield and Kansas City, MO **
** Semi grain hauling to your farm!! **
Call us next time you need a load of soybeans taken to K.C. or maybe a load of SHP picked up in Deerfield, MO!!

(800)-299-6680 ask for Tim

Our Mill and Custom Feeds

Custom Mixed Feeds to Meet Your Needs!

At Main Street Feeds, we’ve been making custom feeds since 1989.

Our stores provide Feed, Forage Testing, Ration Balancing, Animal Health Products, Fencing Supplies, Livestock Equipment, Farm Supplies and Much More. We, at Main Street Feeds, strive to keep our customers satisfied with quality products and services. Remember, “We bust ours… to save yours.”



Corn Price

approved corn

Corn Price on 11/30/2020

$4.66 per bushel