Dairy Feeds

Dairy 16

Protein 16% - Fat 2.25%

1. A complete grain ration for lactating dairy cows. 2. Feed according to production. 3. Always feed the best quality hay and/or best pasture for maximum production.

MSF Heifer B40

Protein - 14% Fat - 2.5%

1. A complete ration for increases rate of weight gain on replacement beef and dairy heifers. 2. Bovatec for increases weight gain and coccidiosis control. 3. Always provide plenty of fresh water.

Calf Starter 18%

Protein 18% - Fat 3.0%

1. A complete starter feed for baby calves to 4 months or up to 400 lbs. 2. Bovatec for increased weight gain and coccidiosis control. 3. Provide plenty of fresh water at all times. 4. Always read tag, especially when drugs are added.