Need to know information when choosing a mineral:
4% (phosphorus) – stocker level

7% (phosphorus) – level of mineral more suited for cows. (Remember to consider the amount of phosphorus already available to cattle through fertilizers.)

Altosid – a fly control that kills Horn Fly larva in manure; pest responsible for sucking the most blood from livestock

Tasco – prevents cattle from standing in ponds during summer months by expanding their blood vessels causing them to cool down.

Clarifly – eliminated face flies.

Face and back rubs – can be medicated to primarily reduce face flies. Generally placed around mineral feeders and feed bunks.

Fly tubs – contain a low mineral level. Cattle will eat more from a fly tub than a fly mineral.

Breed back – a keylated mineral that tightens the breeding season.

Fescue Buster – 7.5% phosphorus pasture mineral

Pasture Mineral – a higher level CTC 4000 gm

Purina Wind and Rain Products:

* Availa 4 – comparable to Breed back

* All Season

* Fly Control

*High Mag


2012_WindandRain_All-Season_Storm_package 2012_WindandRain_Fly_Control_Storm_package 2012_WindandRain_High_Magnesium_Storm_package WindandRain_Fescue_Storm_package mineral           msf pasture mineral